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Dr. Shapiro is a member of the Simon and Schuster Speakers Bureau. Her entertaining and inspiring Piglet Mindset presentations are well received by children and adults in schools and other venues. Dr. Shapiro also speaks about many aspects of caring for pets with disabilities and special needs for pet parents and for veterinarians at both in-person and virtual conferences.

For Pet Parents and Children

Caring for Pets with Disabilities and Special Needs

and General Pet Care

Pet parents have a never ending list of questions about how to best care for their pets. Dr. Shapiro offers presentations covering a wide range of relevant, interesting topics. Both in person and virtual webinar style talks are available and are adaptable to small groups, pet related conferences, fundraisers, and other events. These talks are also ideal for classrooms, camps, birthday parties, as they are all adaptable for children.

Topics include:

Basic Pet Care, Pet Safety, Caring for Senior Pets

End of Life Decisions and Care for Dogs and Cats

Care of Pets with Disabilities and Special Needs

Care of Deaf, Blind, and Deaf Blind Dogs

Care of Wheelchair Pets

Animal Rescue

Custom Presentations By Request

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Piglet Mindset Inspirational Presentations

Piglet is an adorable little dog who faces his challenges with a positive attitude. His adventures with his supportive 6-pack of rescue dogs is an authentic, real-life example of acceptance, inclusion, empathy, and kindness regardless of looks, abilities, and disabilities. Our social media posts and our online educational materials illustrate how Piglet uses the 3 senses he has to live a happy, meaningful, productive life despite his disabilities.

Piglet inspires adults and children all around the world to face their own challenges in a positive way. He is an adorable, smart, feisty little dog with a hilarious sense of humor. 

While our Piglet Mindset program was originally created for children, our social media pages attract the attention of adults from countries all over the world. As simple as it seems, Piglet is an extremely engaging individual who everyone can relate to on some level. He is disarming, warm, and his message is refreshing. 

Our Piglet Mindset presentations are versatile. They can be adapted to any type of in-person or virtual venue- for adults and children of all ages. Examples include (but are not limited to) corporate settings, colleges and universities, teacher and educational conferences, educators within schools and school systems, and other motivational speaking platforms. Of course, we also offer children's programs in schools, scouts, camps, counseling settings, and for children and adults with disabilities.      

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For Veterinarians

Pets With Disabilities Presentations 

Disabled Pets are everywhere, including veterinary hospital waiting rooms! 

Dogs and cats are commonly born with a wide range of congenital defects that result in disabled animals with special needs. And if pets live long enough, most will acquire one or more disabilities associated with chronic or acute geriatric diseases, injury, or later onset hereditary conditions.

Veterinarians are trained to diagnose, treat, and manage illness, but many  aren't familiar with less commonly seen disabilities and secondary complications that need to be managed. Their perception of quality of life may be influenced by a lack of experience with disabled pets.

Pet parents who choose to care for pets with disabilities and special needs want and expect high level, attentive veterinary care for their special needs pets. My presentations focus on the logistics of care, complications of a wide range of disabilities, and quality of life assessment of animals who have limitations, but are still living very happy, meaningful lives. 

Topics include:

A Veterinarian's Guide to Pets with Disabilities and Special Needs

A Veterinarian's Guide to Deaf, Blind, and Deaf Blind Dogs

A Veterinarian's Guide to Wheelchair Pets

A Veterinarian's Guide to Managing the Severe Consequences of Double Merle Breeding

Disabled Pets, Social Media, and Community Outreach

Piglet Mindset for Veterinarian's and Their Children
Reflections of a House Call Veterinarian for Veterinary Students 

Click HERE for a presentation list with descriptions. 

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