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School Visits

Piglet Mindset and Author Visits

Piglet Mindset visits to schools, libraries, and other venues are exciting, entertaining, educational, and inspiring for children and adults of all ages. We highly recommend that principals, teachers, librarians, and others who are interested in a Piglet Mindset/author visit introduce their students to Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy through our Piglet Mindset educational program which is free for download on (scroll down for more details)

Both of our books, particularly the new children's book, are wonderful additions to ongoing Piglet Mindset classroom lessons and activities.

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Piglet Mindset educational program

Piglet is an adorable little dog who acts as a vehicle to engage children as he faces his challenges with a positive attitude. His adventures with his supportive 6-pack of rescue dogs gives children an authentic, real-life example of acceptance, inclusion, empathy, and kindness regardless of looks, abilities, and disabilities. Our online educational materials illustrate how Piglet uses the 3 senses he has to live a happy, meaningful, productive life despite his disabilities.

Piglet Mindset Lesson Plans and educational materials are free for download on Piglet’s website, for teachers who are interested in using Piglet as part of their growth mindset and inclusion curriculum. We encourage teachers to add to and improvise to fit Piglet Mindset into their own teaching style and classroom environment. 

Through Piglet and his dog pack, children develop a deeper understanding of disabilities in animals and people. Our program naturally strengthens their feeling of empathy and compassion towards their peers and others in their community. 


Piglet Mindset Visits to schools, libraries, fundraisers, and other venues.

Piglet Mindset offers versatile presentations that can be adapted to any type of in-person or virtual venue- schools, camps, scouts, animal welfare centered programs, adult educational programs, corporate settings for adults, and other motivational speaking.    

A typical school or library visit includes a short PowerPoint presentation with discussion and illustrative videos, The Piglet Show- a tap signal demonstration that features Piglet and his sisters, and a thought provoking discussion with Q and A. In-person visits may include hands on activities that foster an understanding of what it's like to be deaf and blind like Piglet who uses his senses of smell and touch to engage with others and be part of his world. 

In addition to our premier Piglet Mindset school visit presentation, we offer a number of animal related topics that include disabilities in pets, dog and other animal rescue, pet care, pet safety, and discussions of different aspects of veterinary medicine. 

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Additional Piglet Mindset Info

Learn more about Piglet and his Piglet Mindset educational program on


Our new children’s picture book, PIGLET COMES HOME, was released on June 7, 2022.

Author visits are combined with Piglet Mindset visits for the ultimate Piglet experience!

Book us for an inspiring, interesting, and entertaining visit with Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy and members of his dog pack. This visit brings our book to life, giving children the opportunity to meet the dogs, learn about Piglet Mindset through a short slide presentation, watch a tap signal demo (which we call The Piglet Show), Q and A, as well as a book reading!

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